I want you to ask yourself these 3 questions…

Are you increasing your followers on a weekly basis?

Are you using #hashtags to promote your tweets?

Do you constantly monitor twitter insights to get a better idea how well your account is performing?

If so and you still find that engagement levels are low, then perhaps something is wrong. In this article you will find out how to get noticed on Twitter through a range of different tips and tricks known within the digital marketing world.

There are roughly 313 million monthly active users using Twitter generating about 500 million tweets per day. That’s more or less 5800 tweets posted each second. When you put it in those terms, its crazy to picture how much content escalates on a daily basis right? So here goes the first tip…

Make sure you build meaningful relationships

Building meaningful relationships with your followers, influencers and affiliates is a great way to start. The more people share and engage with your tweets, the higher reach you will get. And this does not mean simply retweeting one’s tweet, but actually taking the time to build a relationship. You need consistency and support from others.

3 big issues businesses and marketers face on a daily basis

We have asked industry experts to share their experiences and top tips to succeed, generate traffic and increase sales using twitter. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all, lets take a look at some of the problems, marketers and we business owners experience with Twitter.

Answering messages sent from those we follow

Not enough content of our own to publish and share

Searching for good external content

If you have realised, they are all time consuming activities.

Problem 1: Answering ALL messages sent from those we follow can be a real pain in the neck. HOWEVER, it is therefore important to recognise messages, which are automated, or from individuals who truly want to build a relationship.

Problem 2: The quote ‘content is king’ is popular for a reason! And that’s because people are searching for good content and solutions to their problems. If you don’t have the time to write good content or it’s simply not your thing, find someone who is passionate about writing and offer him or her the opportunity! This is really one of the most crucial parts to your business, if you want to improve your SEO and drive traffic to your website. Remember you can also share rich content with PR and not just on your social media platforms.

Problem 3: Surprisingly enough the other day I came across a platform called likeablehub, which gives you FREE access to thousands of engaging content ideas to share and schedule all in one place. Super easy tool to use and save time.

Now here’s some insight into what industry experts suggest.

Industry Expert Advice

 We contacted 5 Twitter experts in the UK and asked them these 3 main questions:

How long do you spend on twitter each day?

Do you use social media management tool? If so, which one?

Suggest one way to boost engagement on Twitter.

These were their answers:

Tim Hughes – Founder of Digital Leadership Associates


“Your twitter profile reflects your personal brand. One of the best ways to get noticed is to use the “pinned tweet” feature.  When people check out your Twitter profile, they will see which tweet, subject, event, or what ever subject you want that is “top of mind”.  You therefore have the ability to get the subject most important to you, to the reader.  You will also find this Tweet is more likely to be retweeted, shared, liked etc.”

James Whiting – Founder of Social Rocket Marketing

How long do you spend on twitter each day?

“Around 2 hours per day”…

James also suggested that sometimes it could be longer because his job involves Social Media Management.

Do you use social media management tool? If so, which one?

“I do use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance, I find this very beneficial and allows you to be organised and it saves so much time/effort.”

Remember the issue we spoke about earlier? Activities being time consuming? Hootsuite can be your answer. It also gives you the opportunity to schedule a tweet more than once, which is essential if you want to increase your reach.

Suggest one way to boost engagement on Twitter. 

“To boost engagement on Twitter the use of Hashtags is very important, especially on trending topics such as a sporting event, programme or a popular person at that current time. Another way to boost engagement is by interacting with your followers more.”

Jason Squires – Founder of Jason Squire Online

How long do you spend on twitter each day?

“I spend roughly 10-15 minutes on Twitter each day. I have an efficient system of adding content which is of interest to my audience, following up with messages, and employing strategies to grow my Twitter following.”

Do you use social media management tool? If so, which one?

“Yes, I use several. HootSuite for scheduling content, TwiLert for ‘social listening’ to find leads, and ManageFlitter to grow/nurture my following.”

Suggest one way to boost engagement on Twitter. 

“Ask questions! Naturally, questions require an answer, so if you ask questions on Twitter people are likely to reply and answer your question – thereby increasing your overall engagement!”

Alexandra Tachalova – Founder of Digital Olympus

How long do you spend on twitter each day?

“I check my personal Twitter account a couple of times per day, normally. However, when I do outreach or promote specific content, it might take a lot of time. I believe there’s only one reason to spend more time on Twitter: If you know that the traffic from it converts into clients…”

Do you use social media management tool? If so, which one?

“We had been using RivalIQ, and I think it’s a really powerful tool… On a daily basis, my team uses Tweetdeck, Followerwonk, Listepedia, and Buzzsumo.”

Suggest one way to boost engagement on Twitter. 

“I believe these few steps can help boost Twitter’s engagement significantly:

 With the help of Twitter Analytics, you can learn what kinds of tweets that you’ve shared are performing better than others… you can focus entirely on producing tweets that are bringing a significant amount of engagement.

 It’s a well-known fact that tweets with images or GIFs are attention-grabbers, and that’s why they automatically generate more traction.”

Nathaniel Schooler – Communications Director @ Natschooler

How long do you spend on twitter each day?

“It depends but usually about 30 mins max”

Do you use social media management tool? If so which one?

“I have assisted in the development of many tools! Buffer is my personal app of choice, but for clients there are many others that we use for different reasons, like scheduling, engagement and of course to run competitions, most importantly analytics tools that can demonstrate real value!”

Suggest one way to boost engagement on Twitter.

“Use analytics tools to continually improve and refine your strategy”

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