How To Gain Sales Through Your Thank You Page?

Many of us use similar wording after a potential client has subscribed to our mailing list.


“Thank you for downloading “X & Y”, please check your inbox shortly and don’t forget to share with your friends”

Although you have received their email address and now have them on your database, the question you still need to ask yourself is, how likely are they going to open your email, click on the attachment and actually READ the valuable content you have provided them?

Opening the email is the easiest step, just make sure you have a good subject line mentioning your FREE offer.

*You can use “Co-schedule Headliner” to test how effective your subject headline is. Its FREE…*

Many of us forget that although someone has given us their email address in exchange for information; they not only need to open the email, but also download the attachment and READ it.

How many times have you downloaded something, and decided you will check it later? A day, week or month passes it’s still saved somewhere on your computer. In fact you have forgotten it’s even there.

Your customers go through the exact same journey. Its normal, we all do it.

Especially because today we receive 30+ useless emails per day and we simply don’t pay any attention to it anymore. It has become super easy for the ONE USEFUL email to get lost amongst the 100+ unopened emails….

I know that’s true because its happened to me, and it happens to me on a daily basis. Now what you may think is:

“OK, your right… But how can I increase my chances of them opening and actually reading the email?”

Well… this is where your thank you page comes into practice.

REMEMBER your thank you page is the the last thing your customer will see, so you must leave a good impression.

People liked to be engaged and taken on a journey, keep that in mind when building your thank you page.

How to keep your customers engaged? Provide them more value… Go through these steps:

1. A lead page (offering the download)

2. Another page with a video mentioning the download. If they decide not to read the information you provided them when sending an email, they will have alternatively watched your video. This keeps the content they were interested in stay fresh in your customers mind.

Once you’ve achieved this, you may wish to add a link to your sales page below the video offering your LEP (low end product).

Simply have a link to the sales page and if someone is interested they will click it… if they are not, it will not bother them. (This should be a low priced product because your customer is still getting to know you and your business).

This gives them choice, and you are also ENGAGING with them… You are taking them on a journey.

The more value you provide, the more trust you build.

Remember your thank you page is the last thing your customer will see. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide more value and potentially gain an easy sale.

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