Social Media being one of the most frequently used tools by individuals all around the world, has made it necessary for ALL businesses to deeply concentrate on their social media marketing campaigns if they wish to succeed in the forever changing competitive markets. Word of mouth being the most effective tool up to date.

Lets just take a few viral hashtags, which occurred recently, in the year of 2015, such as: #lovewins, #theDress, #jonsnow and #blacklivesmatter.

All these stories expressed on social media had a different purpose however displayed the same outcome “effective” word of mouth communication. Relatives, friends and the rest of the world-web followed such events, which lead to massive movements and brought individuals together.

The competition amongst businesses is extremely high and there is a great need of originality and uniqueness if you wish to stand out. So many companies are on social media and for someone to come across your website and become interested is limited.

Hashtag #jonsnow represents The Game of Thrones character John Snow who is many viewers favourite character. An unexpected situation or something a viewer is sensitive about is a good trigger to get the story going.

In the events mentioned above (gay pride hashtag, the dress, Game of Thrones series as well as racial events) were all topics which individuals felt somewhat thoughtful. It does not have to be a serious matter; humorous events are just as successful. An example is ‘the ice bucket challenge’ which gained awareness for the little understood disease ALS and raised a total of $115 million.

Although some may believe these are wrong events to compare to in everyday business situations, there are still some similarities, such as the outcome in the end of the movement. Not only does everyone want success, but they also want it fast. I believe we have all experienced it, although everyone tells us success takes time.

“YES we know” we tell others, but don’t stop us from wanting it… right?

Creating a campaign about what your target audience is passionate, humorous or thoughtful about can be a good start.

If you are now even a little bit more convinced that viral marketing is essential in order to gain awareness for your company, then here are 4 simple steps on how to make it happen.

Having an idea

You may ask me how do I relate my product or service to what the public is passionate, humorous or even thoughtful about. This comes down to understanding your main target audience. Put yourself in their shoes first and then start thinking.

Well the truth is you don’t necessarily have to relate your product or service to a particular movement, well at least I don’t think so. Simply thinking of an event, which your target audience are passionate about or sensitive to can already be a challenging task. You have to consider something, which has not yet been in the headlines. Once you have an idea and even if it doesn’t relate to your product or service, the public will automatically start to look up your name or your companies name on search engines in order to find out what it is that you do. (Please comment if you disagree I would love to hear your views).

Saying that, if you do think of something and are able to relate it to your product or service, great, even better.

Remember, most people like to sound clever, funny or even strong-minded. A successful campaign will most likely have at least one of these three aspects.

Plan of action

Once you have an idea, planning your campaign can also be a challenge. You will have to consider all the positive as well as negative aspects, which may arise during the movement. Remember, once your message goes viral, it is almost impossible to stop it as you do not have any control over what others say about the movement or even your company.

Use of video and imagery

Visual content has become increasingly popular amongst marketers. This is because it:

  • Drives engagement
  • Posts with videos attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts
  • On Facebook photos perform best for likes, comments and shares as compared to text video and links.

Oh and 90%of information transmitted to the brain is visual (information provided comes from articles, blogs and previous experience)


Make it simple, straightforward so that your target audience can understand the message and also want to share it with the rest of the world.

Being a self-starter myself within a competitive market, I can tell that it is extremely difficult to stand out and not only make someone new reach out to you, but even convince someone to use your services. I hope this article has somewhat helped you in one-way or another.

Thank you for reading, and please do share your views.

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